Novels by Lendy Demetrius
There Could be Joy and Pain in the Long Run
After leaving her deranged husband who tried to kill her, Maxine tries to start a new life. Love wasn't in the cards just yet with a new man until her past catches up with her. Trying to secure her music career and remain on the music charts would prove to be a challenge with a nightmare hanging over this Diva’s head, in “There could be Joy and Pain in the Long Run”. Maxine has to learn to put her life together without looking over her shoulder.  Now, life has tossed the pair back together. Even so, picking up where they left off is tough, because he is out to get her and finish what he attempted to start.  This drama unfolds and the battle begins for Maxine to break free from her lifelong nightmare.  “There Could be Joy and Pain in the Long Run” is a tale of love, hate, murder, deception and being a prisoner.
I Live, You Move On
How does an upwardly-mobile woman of color find the balance between her career, love life and friendships in modern day Manhattan? Man-eater Julissa Longoriez and betrayed wife and mother Nahla Voyas are on a quest to find out just that in I Live, You Move On.

Between her ambition and her passion, JULISSA LONGORIEZ has more on her plate at this point in her life than she ever expected. The quintessential sexy, sultry Latina, she hides behind a façade of detachment to avoid commitment. But when she meets the first man to get past her cool, unaffected career woman veneer, Julissa must admit to herself that what she truly fears is honesty about her past. Will opening up about her secrets open her heart and set Julissa free? Or will it destroy her once chance at love and the man willing to offer it?
After sacrificing her dreams to build the perfect marriage and family, NAHLA VOYAS is facing a truth she can no longer ignore: her husband has never been as devoted to their life together as she is. As she works to redefine herself as the ultimate role model of “sister girl” strength for her daughter  - tackling a list of dreams and goals deferred for too long  - a tragic accident threatens to keep her trapped in a loveless marriage. Can Nahla look past her husband's past indiscretions and find in this tragic turn of events a second chance at marital bliss? Or will she finally learn to love herself more than him for the sake of their child?
I Live, You Move On uniquely offers each woman's response to life's challenges, weaving a modern urban fairy tale from their successes and losses, laughter and tears.

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There could be joy and pain in the long run bookAuthor Lendy Demetrius resides in Manhattan, New York. His writing captures and relates themes of contemporary romance and drama, wrought in the African American and Hispanic experience.
I Live, You Move On